Lithuanian Bakery

A baker holds Lithuanian bread
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About Company

Ltd “Lithuanian Bakery +” was founded in 2005 and offers Georgian customers real Lithuanian recipe and technology. Varied products created by their Lithuanian baker are tailored to customer’s taste. Unique value they create for their customers is European taste we provide for them. Their ingredients are imported from different countries of Europe to create the highest quality and unique taste for clients. Lithuanian baking bread is recommended by dieticians and nutritionists, because of its vitamins (B3, K, A, B1, E, B12) that are essential for the body, that’s why it is highly respected. In 2016, Lithuanian Bakery won the Golden Brand Award for being the Healthiest Product Brand of the Year.
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The cooperation between Brand Me and the Lithuanian bakery has been going on for many years. Both photo shoots and commercials were planned with a joint collaboration. Our team provided several ideas and managed all the shooting and directing. These marketing campaigns have brought us significant experience in the direction of production.